Dynamic QR Codes

Are you looking to produce your unique custom barcodes or QR codes, then Leaderpress can help. We can produce codes for products from your basic labels and stickers through to business cards, marketing pieces and retail packaging.

Did you know? That most mobile phone handset now allow you to open QR codes directly through your camera. Previously QR codes required an app to open them which create a cumbersome experience for user. Now with the direct response we have seen a resurgence in their use globally. Try it for yourself and see how easy it is.


QR codes are often used on print marketing materials because they provide a convenient and easy way for customers to access additional information or take a specific action. QR codes can be quickly scanned by a smartphone camera, directing the user to a website, landing page, social media profile, or any other online destination that the marketer wants to promote.

Here are some reasons why QR codes are popular in print marketing:

  1. Enhanced User Experience: QR codes allow users to quickly and easily access information or offers related to the product or service being advertised. This can help to enhance the user experience and make it more likely that they will engage with the brand.
  2. Trackable: QR codes can be easily tracked, which means that marketers can gain valuable insights into customer behavior and engagement. By using tracking tools, marketers can learn which print materials are most effective and adjust their marketing strategies accordingly.
  3. Cost-Effective: QR codes are easy and inexpensive to create, which means that they are a cost-effective way to incorporate digital elements into print marketing campaigns.
  4. Measurable: By using QR codes, marketers can track how many people scanned the code and visited the associated website or landing page. This provides valuable data that can be used to optimize future marketing efforts.

Overall, QR codes are a useful tool for print marketing because they provide a convenient and effective way to connect customers with digital content and promotions.


What better way to see how dynamic QR Codes work then to put them to the test. Please scan and see for yourself first-hand the benefits of using Dynamic QR Codes.


Link to any page on the web

Website Dynamic QR Code Website

Password 1234

vCard Plus

Share personalized contact details

VCard QR Code Craig_Anderson

Social Media

Link to your social media channels

My Social Media QR Code


Promote your event

My Event Page QR Code


Share one or more videos

My Video Page QR Code


Share coupons and discounts

My Coupon QR Code

Business Page

Provide your company information

My Business Page QR Code


Collect feedback and get rated

My Feedback Page QR Code


Ask a question and get rated

My Rating Page QR Code