Saddle stitch stapled wall calendar prints

Wall calendars are more than just a way to keep track of dates; they are powerful marketing tools that can enhance your business visibility throughout the year. At Leaderpress, we offer a range of high-quality wall calendars tailored to your specific needs, helping you stay top of mind with your customers. Explore the different types of wall calendars, the various finishes available, and discover how incorporating them into your marketing strategy can benefit your business.


Types of Wall Calendars

1. Monthly Wall Calendars

Monthly wall calendars provide ample space for detailed day-to-day planning. Each month is displayed on a separate page, allowing for large, vibrant images or advertisements that capture attention.

2. Yearly Wall Calendars

Yearly wall calendars present the entire year at a glance. They are perfect for offices and homes, making it easy for users to plan long-term. Custom branding on these calendars ensures your company is visible every day.

3. Poster Wall Calendars

Poster wall calendars combine functionality with aesthetic appeal. They feature a single-page design with the entire year’s dates and can include eye-catching graphics, making them a practical piece of art for any wall.

4. Custom Wall Calendars

Custom wall calendars allow for complete personalization. Choose your layout, images, and design elements to create a calendar that perfectly represents your brand and resonates with your audience.

Type of way to Bind them and hang them

1. Wire Binding

Wire binding features a double-loop wire that allows the calendar to hang flat against the wall. This method is durable and makes it easy to flip through the months. Using this method you can include a hanging bar (image1 below) inserted into a wire (image 2 below or wire hanging loop (image 3 below).

Wall Calendar Wire Hanger BarsWall Calendar Wire BoundWall Calendar Wire Loop Hangers





2. Stapled Binding (Saddle Stitched)

Stapled binding is a cost-effective option where the pages are stapled together. These calendars often come with a small hole punched at the top for hanging.





3. Spiral Binding (Plastic Koil)

Spiral binding uses a continuous plastic or metal coil that makes turning pages effortless. A small hole at the top  ensures easy wall mounting.

Wall Calendar Spiral Bound

4. Drilled hole with or without Eyelet

Hook and eyelet hanging methods involve a metal or plastic eyelet at the top of the calendar, allowing it to hang securely from a hook or nail.

5. Magnetic Backing

Magnetic backing is perfect for sticking calendars to metal surfaces like refrigerators or filing cabinets. This method is convenient and versatile, ideal for both home and office use.

6. Adhesive Strips

Adhesive strips provide a damage-free hanging option. These strips stick to the back of the calendar and adhere to the wall, allowing easy removal without leaving marks.

Benefits of Using Wall Calendars for Business Marketing

1. Constant Brand Exposure

Wall calendars ensure your brand is visible every day. With your logo and contact information prominently displayed, customers are reminded of your business each time they check the date.

2. Practical and Useful

Calendars are a practical gift that customers will use daily. This utility ensures that your marketing tool is not only appreciated but also kept in prominent places, enhancing its effectiveness.

3. Cost-Effective Advertising

Compared to other forms of advertising, wall calendars are a cost-effective solution. They offer prolonged exposure without recurring costs, providing excellent return on investment.

4. Customizable Design

The ability to customize wall calendars means you can tailor them to reflect your brand’s identity. This personalization helps in creating a strong connection with your audience, making your brand memorable.

5. Enhanced Customer Loyalty

Gifting wall calendars to your customers can enhance loyalty. It shows that you value their patronage and are willing to give something useful in return, fostering a positive relationship.

6. Versatile Marketing Tool

Wall calendars can be used in various marketing campaigns. Whether you’re launching a new product, celebrating a company milestone, or simply looking to stay top of mind, calendars provide a versatile platform for your message.


Incorporating wall calendars into your marketing strategy is a smart move for any business. At [Your Print Shop], we offer a variety of types, finishes, and hanging options to meet your specific needs. Let us help you create custom wall calendars that not only serve a practical purpose but also keep your brand front and center all year long. Contact us today to get started!