Verko Raised Ink Printing

What is Thermography or Verko Raised Ink printing?

Thermography is a post print process where a powdered polymer is applied to the wet lithography ink area. The powder is then removed leaving residue on the wet ink. It is then run through conveyor belt oven. The powder and ink reacts to the heat and creates a raised ink effect on paper

  • Thermography Powders are used to enhance stationery and print by raising the ink to give a smooth, normally glossy, finish.
  • Letterheads, Business Cards, Greetings Cards and Social Stationery have been traditionally enhanced with the Thermographic Process but now designers are using the process on Wrapping Paper, Paper Bags, Sales Brochures, Product Packaging and even Braille.
  • Our range of powders, are manufactured from the finest raw materials and are the result of over 90 years experience in the field of Thermography.
  • As Thermography becomes more specialised and the designs get ever more adventurous.

Type of powders

Natural Gloss Powder

SupaFlow powders are treated twice for static and flow giving them supreme performance both in the machine and on the paper. Once processed they form the smoothest gloss finish whilst still retaining the unique sharp clarity and high raise that has always been the distinguishing characteristic of Caslon powder.


Neutral Gloss Ultra Clear

Powder Neutral Gloss SupaFlow Ultra Clear Powders have been developed specifically for industries where a crystal clear raised layer is required. Many applications now apply powder over a pre-printed four colour image and do not want the original colours to be altered. The best results are achieved when using Ultra Clear Powders with Caslon Thermographic Varnish, as neither changes colour under the heat of a thermography machine.


Neutral Matt Powder

Neutral SupaMatt is a smooth flowing material which results in a semi-dull look. It is mainly used for business cards, invitations and social stationery where a result comparable to that of die-stamping or copper plate printing is required.


Neutral Lazer Proof Powder

Neutral Laser-Resist compound is made with different raw materials from our regular powder and, on contact with UV light, will react to give a beautifully smooth and flexible, yet very tough image. The UV-Curable product is processed in the normal way but requires a UV light source to be fitted at the end of the heater tunnel. Once molten, the product is cured instantly by the light source to form a solid.


Metallic Powder

These self-colour powders replicate metallic colours. They are suitable for use with any offset, letterpress or rubber stamp ink. All Caslon metallic colours are manufactured to a tarnish resistant quality. The finished colour is only slightly adjusted by varying the base ink shade unlike the Pearlescent Colours which will be greatly changed. It is important to use the correct base ink. For Gold and Copper powders, a Yellow or Tan ink is recommended. For Silver powder, Blue or Grey ink will give best results.