Stickers and Labels

Stickers and labels are an excellent way to get your marketing campaign to stand out and get your brand to stick into customers memories. We have a extensive range of stickers and labels to choose from. It all depends on your intended use, we can have the right sticker to do the right job. We can manufacture your sticker and label to your specification and offer custom shapes and sizes. Our team of experts are happy to discuss further and make sure that you get the right product for the intended use.

Our paper stock for printing stickers are as follows:

Paper Stickers and Labels

Paper label stickers are the most common request from clients ordering stickers and label. We can manufacture these to custom shape and size to meet your specification and requirement. These type of sticker is best suited for internal or office use, as there not weatherproof or fades resistant. For outdoor purposes, we recommend vinyl stickers, which are ideal for outdoor use.

Removable Vinyl Stickers and Labels

If you are after stickers and labels that is durable and does not leave marking or any damage, may we recommend Removable vinyl stickers and labels. Removable stickers have less adhesiveness, making them easy to peel off and leaving zero marks behind them.

Permanent Vinyl Stickers and Labels

For a longer lasting outdoor product, we recommend you go with the permanent vinyl stickers. They are more fade resistant and offer waterproof properties, making them more durable. Ideal used for long term use.

Clear Vinyl Stickers and labels

Clear stickers are also a fantastic idea for any window surface or when a background needs to be seen. Our clear stickers and labels, can be printed either front or back facing in any size or any shape. All our clear stickers are easily removable without residue, which means you can stick them anywhere anytime that’s convenient for you. You can also add more punch to your image by adding white ink underlay.

Ideal Use

  • Bumper Stickers
  • Branding and Marketing
  • Food Labels
  • Gift Wrapping
  • Health and Safety
  • Medical Forms
  • Office
  • Packaging
  • Parking Permits
  • Point of Sale
  • Signage
  • Visitor Passes

Pre Cut Stickers

Looking for a specific size and shape? Leaderpress has a range of pre top cut labels in various shapes an sizes. These labels/stickers are supplied as A4 sheets and are ready to go on demand. Leaderpress can assist with setting your design artwork or choose to supply yourself by selecting from the templates below.

Label Legend
White Script 10070= WS
White Laser 10075= WL
White Gloss 30080= WG
Orange Fluoro 30080= OF
Yellow Fluoro 85080= YF

JA4 3451 – 25 Labels per page

JA4 2697 – 20 Labels per page

JA4 2570 – 33 Labels per page

JA4 2538 – 50 Labels per page

JA4 2451 – 35 Labels per page

JA4 2373 – 24 Labels per page

JA4 2134 – 63 Labels per page

JA4 2090 – 24 Labels per page

JA4 2050 – 45 Labels per page

JA4 1863 – 40 Labels per page

JA4 1534 – 80 Labels per page

JA4 1250 – 80 Labels per page

JA4 1030 – 168 labels per page

CG105148 – 4 Labels per page

CG74105 – 8 Labels per page

CG50100 – 12 Labels per page

CG35105 – 16 Labels per page

CG5175 – 16 Labels per page

CG3465 – 24 Labels per page

CG3451 – 32 Labels per page

CG2050 – 56 Labels per page

CG690 – 12 Labels per page

CG500 – 24 Labels per page

CG400 – 35 Labels per page

CG 3475 – 24 Labels per page

JA4C90 -6 Labels per page

JA4C45 – 24 Labels per page

JA4C32 – 40 Labels per page

JA4C25 – 70 Labels per page

JA4 139194 – 2 Labels per page

JA4 96139 – 4 Labels per page

JA4 35105 – 10 Labels per page

JA4 6897 – 8 Labels per page

JA4 5175 – 10 Labels per page

JA4 5097 – 10 Labels per page

JA4 4673 – 12 Labels per page

JA4 3590- 14 Labels per page

JA4 3475 – 15 Labels per page

JA4 3465 – 20 Labels per page