Your personalized table talkers made from premium materials to drive customer engagement, loyalty, and Google reviews. These versatile promotional tools can be strategically placed on tables, countertops, or reception desks in restaurants, cafes, bars, or event venues.

They represent your brand identity and offer customization options to leave a lasting impression on customers. By incorporating incentives and QR codes prompting Google reviews, you can inspire repeat business, foster loyalty, and boost online visibility. Whether displayed in dining areas or at corporate events, these table talkers enhance brand recognition and cultivate valuable customer relationships while driving valuable online feedback. Embrace this opportunity to propel business growth and enhance brand reputation today.


Google Review Printed Tent Stand

Printed full colour process on outside 360gsm Hi-Bulk Artboard Scored in 3 spots for easy folding Affixed with double sided tape on one edge for binding Available in packs of 25’s for $70ex GST per a Pack Includes setting QR code with or without your logo

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