Leaderpress is the market-leader in supplying high quality custom printed envelopes. We pride ourselves on providing a huge selection of high quality products. With a selection of sizes, styles, colours, and shapes to suit your specific needs. Whether you’re after something personalized and custom or for business communication use we have you covered. We only use premium-grade materials to ensure you get the best outcomes.

Standard Envelope Sizes

Here are the most commonly used envelopes in Australia.

DL Envelopes

A DL (Dimension Lengthwise) envelope measures 110 x 220mm. It fits A4 paper folded into thirds. These envelopes are popular for both professional and personal correspondence.

DLX Envelopes

A DLX envelope measures 120 x 235mm. Slightly larger than DL envelopes, it fits A4 paper folded twice and is suitable for thicker documents.

B4 Envelopes

A B4 envelope measures 250 x 353mm. Slightly larger than C4 envelopes, it fits unfolded A4 paper and is ideal for thicker documents.

C4 Envelopes

A C4 envelope measures 229 x 324mm. It fits unfolded A4 sheets. These are ideal for documents that need to remain straight or unfolded, such as certificates, legal paperwork and business correspondence.

C5 Envelopes

A C5 envelope measures 162 x 229mm. It fits A4 paper folded in half, or A5 paper unfolded.

C6 Envelopes

A C6 envelope measures 114 x 162mm. It fits A4 paper folded into quarters, A5 paper folded in half or A6 paper unfolded. C6 envelopes are commonly used for invitations, greeting cards and handwritten letters.

Other Things to Consider

Flap Styles

There are two style available for the flap.

  • Wallet or Banker envelopes. The flap opens on the long edge.
  • Pocket envelopes. The flap opens on the short edge.

Envelope Face

Envelopes either have a plain face or a window face.

  • Window envelopes have a clear window on the front of the envelope and are commonly used for invoices, statements and other documents with pre-printed addresses.
  • Plain face envelopes allow you to write addresses for a more personalised look, or affix address labels for a more professional look.

Seal Type

There are three types of closures for envelopes.

  • Gummed – moisten the flap, then press down to seal the envelope
  • Peel and seal – remove the strip on the flap, then press down to seal the envelope
  • Self seal – fold the flap onto the envelope and press down to seal it

Specialty Envelopes

Do you need something with a bit more jazz or functionality? We have a range of speciality printed envelopes to suit your needs.

Donation/Payment Envelopes

Ideal for charities or school payments. These specially designed envelope come with a perforated payment slip which can be removed and placed into the reply paid or return to sender secretive envelope which it s attached too.

Specialty Paper

Are you after a  unique design, specific colour or textured stock envelope? We have a selection for you to choose from or if you wanting something unique then we can manufacture to specification.

Are you looking to for direct mailing service?

As a specialist print house in this field, Leaderpress can offer an exceptional mailing and distribution services to your company. Whether it be for corporate communication or for marketing purposes. We can help by assisting and project manage this service from start to finish.

what are the benefits of using a mail house for direct mail?

Using a mail house for direct mail campaigns can offer several benefits, including:
  1. Professional Expertise: A mail house specializes in direct mail services and has a team of professionals with expertise in designing, printing, and distributing direct mail campaigns. This can help ensure that your campaign is designed effectively, produced efficiently, and distributed to the right audience.
  2. Cost Savings: A mail house can often provide cost savings compared to handling direct mail in-house. Mail houses have established relationships with printers, mailing providers, and other vendors, which can help reduce costs for paper, printing, postage, and other direct mail services.
  3. Improved Efficiency: Using a mail house can save time and effort in managing a direct mail campaign. Mail houses have streamlined processes for designing, printing, and mailing, which can help speed up the delivery of your campaign.
  4. Customization: A mail house can help tailor your direct mail campaign to specific audiences by providing data analysis, variable data printing, and other personalization techniques. This can help improve the effectiveness of your campaign by targeting specific groups of customers with relevant messaging.
  5. Quality Control: A mail house can ensure that your direct mail campaign meets quality standards for design, printing, and mailing. This can help ensure that your campaign looks professional and is delivered on time to the right audience.
  6. Data Management: A mail house can help manage your customer data, ensuring that it is up-to-date and accurate. This can help improve the effectiveness of your direct mail campaign by ensuring that it reaches the intended audience.

Using our mail house for direct mail campaigns can help businesses save time and money, while also improving the effectiveness of their campaigns by leveraging the expertise of professionals who specialize in direct mail services. By outsourcing direct mail services to a mail house, businesses can focus on their core operations and leave the logistics and management of direct mail campaigns to the experts.


Envelope Size

Height x Width (mm)

          DL 110mm x 220mm
          DLX 120mm x 235mm
          C3 458mm x 324mm
          C4 324mm x 229mm
          C5 229mm x 162mm
          C6 114mm x 162mm
          B4 353mm x 250mm
          B5 250mm x 176mm
          B6 176mm x 125mm
          11B 90mm x 145mm