Animated Personalized Calendars

Happy New Year! Let’s start 2024 by promoting your business every day of the year with our extensive range of modern designed and printed calendars. Using the latest printing techniques and templates

Printing your personalised Calendars are the ideal give-away to prospective and existing customers and suppliers, as they keep your brand top of mind 365 days of the year. They are also ideal as a gift or fundraising product.

We can help provide calendar printing for your business or organisation with our team of expert ready to help. Using the latest printing techniques and templates we can produce a calendar to meet your expectations.

We produce a range of end of financial year calendars which are available, as well as new year calendars.  See below for some examples of our calendar printing.

Types of Calendar

Leaderpress prints a wide range of calendars in house at our printing factory in Osborne Park.

Wall Calendars

Wire Bound Wall Calendar with loop for hanging

Wire Bound Flip Wall Calendar with drilled hole for hanging

Saddle Stitched Book Wall calendar with drilled hanging hole

Padded Wall Calendar with drilled hole for hanging

Poster Wall Calendar

Poster Wall calendar affixed with padded tear of months


Wire bound Flip Calendar on tent stand

Tent Stand Calendar

Tent Stand with padded tear of months

Calendars pocket cards with or without flip case


Tear off calendar pads with magnets

12 month full magnet calendar


With the various types of calendars, you can be creative with the way they look with custom imagery and design. You can change the way they feel from a wide range of different paper stocks. Leaderpress has a team of experts waiting to help and assist you.


Calendars come in all different shapes and sizes. Our most popular being A2, A3, A4, A5 and DL. We can all manufacture to a custom size, if you want something different and more bespoke to your liking.


Are you looking to send these as a gift? Being a specialist printing and mail house, we can manage the process from start to finishing. This will allow a seamless process where you can go from print to letterbox without the fuss and time consuming process of inserting, addresses and lodging with Australia Post.

Need help with design?

Leaderpress has a team of graphic designer onsite that are able to assist you. Our experience designers will go throw various style and images. If you don’t have images we have access to a catalogue of over a million images that you can use.


Here are some calendar theme ideas for the year.

Mindful Moments: Each month could focus on a different mindfulness practice, providing tips and inspiration for leading a balanced and peaceful life.

Yoga Wellness Calendar Image

Celestial Wonders: Each month could feature stunning images of celestial events like eclipses, meteor showers, and planetary alignments.

National Parks: Showcase the beauty of various national parks from around the world, encouraging outdoor exploration and appreciation of nature.

Great Barrier Reef Calendar Image

Time Travel: Highlight historical events from different eras, combining vintage imagery with modern design elements.

Ned Calendar Art Calendar Image


Retro Revival: Dive into the nostalgia of past decades with vintage design elements, trends, and pop culture references.

Super Nintendo Calendar Image

Artistic Inspirations: Collaborate with local artists to create a calendar that showcases their unique styles and interpretations of different themes.

Artist Calendar Image

Culinary Delights: Feature mouth watering dishes from various cultures and cuisines, along with recipes and cooking tips.

Apple Crumble Calendar Image

Endangered Species: Raise awareness about endangered animals and their habitats through captivating images and informative descriptions.

Bird Calendar Image

Futuristic Landscapes: Envision futuristic cityscapes, landscapes, and technologies to spark imagination and creativity.

Future City Calendar Image

Sports and Athletics: Celebrate the spirit of athleticism by featuring different sports, athletes, and the stories behind their achievements.

Soccer Calendar Image

Literary Classics: Celebrate classic literature by featuring scenes and characters from beloved books, along with quotes and fun facts.

Storybook Calendar Image


Inspirational Quotes: Curate a collection of motivational quotes from influential figures across different fields.

Mahatma Gandhi Calendar Quote Image


Adventures and Exploration: Feature breath taking locations and thrilling activities for the adventurous souls.

Adventure Calendar Image

Around the World: Explore diverse cultures and landmarks from various countries, highlighting the beauty and richness of our global community.

Around world Tribal Calendar Image

Botanical Beauties: Showcase the vibrant colours and intricate details of flowers and plants from different regions.Flower Calendar Image

Remember to choose a theme that resonates with your target audience and aligns with your purpose for creating the calendar. Whether you’re aiming for aesthetics, education, inspiration, or a combination of these, a well-executed theme can make your calendar a delightful and engaging piece for the entire year.